Chepu Fishing Boat

Fresh From The Sea

Ocean Fresh Fish – Licenced Fishing

Select your choice of fresh fish from the sea. Fishing off the KwaZulu-Natal coast is limited to a handful of licensed operators. Fifi’s catches and supplies it’s own fresh fish. We also stock various types of bait. The boat, Chepu, is skippered by David Defilippi and the crew onboard Chepu are a loyal team of friends and skilled fishermen. David has 15 years experience which started alongside his father, Anthony, as a teen’. He is a passionate fisherman who spends days and nights (when the time is right) on the ocean doing what he and the team love most … fishing.

Types of Catch (Seasonal) 🐟

The types of fresh fish supplied include game fish, red fish and bream. These include Rockod / Stumpy / Scotsman, Couta, Yellowtail, Salmon, Dorado, Tuna and Mussel Cracker.

Fresh Fish Price List (Sizes)

  • SMALLS – R 49.00 p/kg
  • MEDIUMS – R 65.00 p/kg
  • LARGE – R 75.00 p/kg
  • EXTRA LARGE – R 80.00 p/kg

Price by Type (Whole or Portion)

  • Rockod/Stumpy/Scotsman – R 95.00
  • Salmon – R 65.00 (Whole) and R80 (Portion)
  • Game Fish – R 75.00 (Whole) and R 85.00 (Portion)
  • Tuna – R 60.00 (Whole) and R 75.00 (Portion)
  • Mussell Cracker – R120.00 (Whole) and R150.00 (Portion)

Wholesale Supply (20KG or More)

  • SMALLS – R45.00 p/kg
  • MEDIUMS – R60.00 p/kg
  • LARGE – R70.00 p/kg
  • EXTRA LARGE – R75.00 p/kg (Rockod, Game Fish, Salmon)

*NB: These prices are per customer and not per group. Fish must be taken as is … no scaling and/or slicing. Ice is not supplied.

Bait for the Fisherman

  • 800 IQF Imported Sardines – R50.00
  • 200g Baby Squid – R25.00
  • Red Eye (4) Vacuum Pack – R40.00
  • Squid Packets – R199.00 p/kg
  • 1kg Hookies – R70.00
  • 1kg Jap Mackerel Vacuum Pack – R50.00
  • RDW Prawn Tails – R165.00 p/kg
  • 1kg Bait Squid – R42.00 🎣 1.5kg Bait Squid – R75.00
  • 125g Pink Prawn Tails – R28.00
  • 125g White Prawn Tails – R32.00

*Prices subject to change in-shop without prior notice.